New interior design trends and creating a timeless interior decor

Ever since I have been interested in interior design, I noticed how articles online or interior magazines often write about the latest trends that are fashionable in the world of interiors. They even predict what will be the trends in a year from now. These decoration trends may prompt you to change your home decor using a specific shade of colours, type of material, style that can even be meant to create a specific emotion that is trending for interiors. It prompted me to think: as an interior designer, should I follow these new trends?

To answer this question, I would start pointing at the feasibility of following interior trends. When it comes to clothes, I am perfectly happy to look at the latest fashion so I am more aware of what to buy or not next time I shop. After all, I change my outfit every day so the wear and tear usually justifies my buying new clothes each season. But changing an interior style is not as easy: if you’ve recently gone through a refurbishment in your home, especially where any type of builders is involved, I bet you are in no rush to spend more money and go through the whole process again: finding a reliable contractor, having to deal with dust and all the inconvenience created by the work. Changing an interior on a yearly basis is therefore unrealistic. When designing interiors it is essential that each item that is chosen is strong enough to last.


Every single day of your life you come back to your safe and comfortable home to unwind. The importance is on feeling good in your bedroom, living room, bathroom… and in every single space in your home. This is more important than fear of missing out on the latest fashion: following trends, in any domain, can be a stressful activity! Plus it is not about whether or not you have the latest rose gold lamp shade or the latest dark wood cabinet ; an interior is meant to create the feeling of being home, i.e. in a familiar place, so changing surroundings constantly may create unnecessary frenzy in your life.


As an interior designer, my number one objective is to create for my clients interiors that they will enjoy for many years to come and that can flexibly evolve as their needs change ; which is particularly true when I design for families with young children. Creating a timeless interior is key for my success. To create this evergreen home decor, I often ask myself if, as my client, I would get tired of a particular pattern, colour or material. And most of all: will all of these put together create an evergreen interior?

However, don’t get me wrong, I would look at interior trends. They are useful source of inspiration, and they would often end up on my mood boards for a particular project. But, to me, trends are no more than interior inspiration. Although I will always be looking forward to read about them and see photos of trending interior decors, they will not dictate how I design for my clients. My objective will always be to create a timeless interior that is individually designed for a specific client.