More than just an interior designer,
Alexandre designs spaces that feel like home.


Alexandre Liaume was born in the Loire Valley and has lived in Ireland, Mexico and for the last fifteen years, in London which he now considers his home. His interior design work has featured in Houzz. 

Alexandre combines his eclectic style, French background and passion for London living in a unique vision. The resultant spaces are colourful, tasteful and beautiful whilst also being natural, organic and easy to live with. When Alexandre designs for you, whether it’s your home or business, his designs will reflect your personality, your life, and what you want to use the space for - as if you’d been born to enjoy it. 

An experienced product manager whose clients have included Hoare’s Bank, Expedia and the Cabinet Office, Alexandre is not only effective at helping you reach your vision for a particular space, but also is adept at ensuring that every project runs as efficiently as is possible.

Whatever your dream, Alexandre will give you as much guidance as you need, with project plans that allow you to start with a foundation which can later be built upon to create fully conceptualised design schemes. Whatever your needs, the results will be elegant, practical interior designs that make you feel like you’ve truly come home.


Alexandre is available to design for homes, offices, shops, restaurants, bars and communities.