How to make your bathroom feel like a spa?

The bathroom is probably my favourite room. In the morning this is where I get ready for my day and in the evening this is where I wash off the frenzy of my day. This is so important for my well being, physically and psychologically. Some would say it is an interior trend, but when I designed my own bathroom decor in 2014, I already wanted it to feel like a spa.  And I want my bathroom design and my clients’ bathroom interior to feel like a haven of peace, a relaxing and intimate room, just like a spa would be. Investing in your bathroom is investing in your wellness and happiness. Here are a few of my tips to create your perfect spa bathroom.

Serene colour scheme

When thinking of a spa I would have in mind soothing colours, gentle to the eye, nothing too bright. Earthy tones are always a good choice to make your spa bathroom as comforting as possible, so inspire yourself from nature: whether you are use green shades, soft orange and browns, or beige and greys, make sure you use neutral colours that will not shout at you when entering the bathroom. Keep your colour scheme harmonious and create an effortless looking space to let your mind and body unwind.

Using natural furnishing

Using natural material for your spa bathroom will strengthen that relaxed feel. Think about Scandinavian saunas where they use natural wood or moroccan spas where you will find waterproof lime plaster on pieces of furniture, walls and floor. All is natural to the eye and to the touch, strengthening the soothing aspect of your bathroom interior.

The right shower, bathtub and other considerations

If you can, having a bathtub is wonderful for those with times when you want to relax and unwind in a bubble bath. Personally I am a big fan of whirlpool bathtubs, but not so keen on the chrome jets, so source the right type of tub. You could also turn your shower room into a steam shower or hammam. With a waterproofed enclosure, it is quite easy to install and more affordable than you think.

Spa bathtub interior

Mood lighting

Bathrooms are used for specific functions, so task lighting is the most important type of light you need to consider in your bathroom. However, for the spa feel bathroom, you will need to also consider ambient and accent lights to create the right mood lighting for your home spa.

For ambient light, you need to consider how you will dim natural light, a voile curtain for example, and make sure you can dim your general lights. Here, the intent is to soften down the lights, to make your bathroom calmly lit enough to relax, but not so dark that you cannot see a thing.

Accent lighting can help here as well. Maybe you have an art piece, a plant or some interesting features you can enhance with a soft light, that would create the soothing bathroom feel you’re after.

There are many creative ways to make your spa bathroom feel soothing and relaxing with the right lighting. And you can always enhance all this with candles.

Spa Bathroom Interior

Choose soft and luxury linen

If you've ever enjoyed a spa therapy, you are aware that the towels are a significant portion of the experience, so choosing the right bathroom linen is important. You need a soft, fluffy and warm towel when getting out of the shower. To achieve this, think about  buying in store rather than online when you buy a brand for a first time to judge the quality of your linen. Choose colours that are soothing to you, the obvious choice being pale and earthy colors, but we are all different! And installing a heated towel rail in a practical spot will make your winter feel comfortably warm and cosy.

Tidy up!

If you display too many products and your bathroom is messy, it won’t be relaxing to the eye. You need to make sure the room is decluttered as much as possible to get the benefits of your spa bathroom. So make sure your bathroom has plenty of storage behind closed cabinet doors, drawers or even in boxes. Similarly, there should be a place for all your towels and other linen you need close by, so place towel rails in strategic spots where you need them. An organised bathroom will go a very long way in maintaining a feeling of calm.

Spa music

Using a bluetooth speaker you can easily get your spa music in the bathroom. Personally I use Sonos speakers as they are easy to install and you can control them using your phone, or even an Amazon Alexa device: I love asking Alexa to play different kind of music from my bath, easier than taking the risk to get my phone wet!

An olfactory experience

The sense of smell is often neglected when considering an interior, which is a shame! In the commercial world, some smells would be enhanced to lure you into their shops, think about a nice bakery with their croissants smells or even a clothes shop like Abercrombie & Fitch where they developed their own perfume. Personally I use fragrance sticks that spread a pleasant smell all the time, and then for a bath, I use scented oils depending on my mood. You could also use bath foam, home fragrance, incense and scented candles.

Combining French interiors elegance and British interiors edge

Combining French interiors elegance and British interiors edge

As a French person who lived in the UK since 2003, I feel influenced by both French interiors and British interiors. As an interior designer, this is an advantage as it gives me more styles to play with and opens my sensitivity to both nations and beyond. Admittedly, there is no hard line, i.e. if French interiors and known to be elegant, it does not mean British interiors can’t be elegant, and vice-versa when it comes to British interiors being edgy. That said, I thought I would write about how I would design an interior with these two countries’ influence. Warning: this post contains many cliches.

New interior design trends and creating a timeless interior decor

New interior design trends and creating a timeless interior decor

Every since I have been interested in interior design, I noticed how  articles online or in interior magazines often write about the latest trends that are fashionable in the world of interiors. They even predict what will be the trends in a year from now. These decoration trends may prompt you to change your home decor using a specific shade of colours, type of material, style that can even be meant to create a specific emotion that is trending for interiors. It prompted me to think: as an interior designer, should I follow these new trends?

Sourcing the best interior suppliers - the brands that impressed me at Maison et Objet

Sourcing the best interior suppliers - the brands that impressed me at Maison et Objet

In September 2018, I went for the first time to Maison & Objet, an international interior trade show in Paris for the trade. This was the opportunity for me to scour the market and find new suppliers. You may have seen many pictures from it on my instagram, but I thought I would share with you the suppliers I liked. So in no particular order, here are four brands I particularly liked.